Ready to Sell Your House? Consider These 4 Things First

Ready to Sell Your House? Consider These 4 Things First

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Sell Your HouseThe time has come to sell your house. For some homeowners this is an exciting time while for others, the notion of having to find to pick up and find a new place can be emotional. You have spent years creating great memories in your house, but now you are to sell your house.

Whichever way you feel about the sale, when it is time to get the house sold the majority of buyers just want to get it done. If you can identify with this then you need to take the following steps:

Set the Right Asking Price

When you are ready to sell your house you need to start to emotionally separate yourself from the house itself. Separate your memories from the house. Do not allow your emotions to factor into the decision making process of setting your home’s asking price.

Take the time to collect and analyze the local comps. If you want to sell your house fast you need to list it at a price that buyers are willing to pay. In order to to know what that range looks like, you need to do some homework.

Keep in mind that many real estate markets are experiencing strong seller’s markets. During seller’s markets many sellers find that pricing their house at or slightly lower than market value can lead to bidding wars that drive the price up. If you start with your asking price too high you are going to have fewer buyers who are interested in making an offer.

Keep Your House Show Ready

Having your house on the market can feel like a lot of work. And it can be. But you need to be ready and willing to accommodate even those last minute showing requests no matter how incredibly inconvenient. If you want to sell your house quickly you need to be willing to do it.

You also need to keep your house clean from top to bottom while it is on the market. Your house should look like the cover of a magazine for every showing.

Know When to Accept an Offer

Every seller wants to get top dollar for their house. At times, it can be complicated to decide what to do when you receive an offer that isn’t as high as you were hoping. But, you should carefully consider every offer that you receive.

Home sellers need to understand that there is never a guarantee that you are going to get another offer. Remember to look at more than just the price that the buyer is offering. Look at the terms and contingencies that they are asking for.

Sellers should not be afraid to counter offer; just make sure you aren’t just getting greedy. You don’t want to lose a good offer because you were pushing for just a little bit more.

Real estate markets are constantly changing. The best way to get your house sold fast and for a good price is to be knowledgeable about the current state of the market and what prices homes are – and are not – selling at. Be realistic with what you are asking and be ready to accommodate those last minute showing requests.

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