When Home Staging Goes Bad

When Home Staging Goes Bad

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Home StagingIf you are getting ready to sell your house then you have probably researched the advantages of home staging. There are many reports showing that home staging can help you to sell your house faster and for more money then if you don’t stage it.

However, while staging can make you money when you do it right, it can cost you a sale when it goes bad.

What is home staging?

Home staging is the process of making your home appeal to potential buyers. It includes the design and feel of a room. When staging a house you may bring in furniture, take furniture out, paint walls, and make minor updates. It sounds easy enough to try on your own, but that’s not always true. Here are home staging mistakes that will cost you more than just money.

Going over the top with fake items

If you are working with a home stager that suggest adding fake items into your house you’re going to want to think again. This includes fake plants, fake fruit, and blow-up mattresses. You want buyers to feel like everything in the house is authentic. You want them to feel like they could enjoy living there.

When you place fake items in the house you distract their attention away from what you want them to focus on. Fake usually says “cheap” which is not what you want your buyers thinking.

Only doing neutral

When you want your house to appeal to a large number of buyers you need to go neutral with most of your finishes. Anything too bold or over the top could exclude a large amount of potential buyers.

However, if everything that is in your house is neutral there will be nothing for the buyer to remember that separates it from other houses. You want to keep your house somewhat neutral, but still include pops of color here and there to help the buyer remember it.

Over staging

You want your house to be the star of the show, not the items in the house. To that end, there is a such thing as over staging.

When you put too much furniture or too much decor in a room it can actually detract from the features of your house. You want to keep things simple and keep the focus on the actual features of the house. The furnishings should just be an addition to the house, but not the focal point. For example, you want them to remember the stunning fireplace and not the beautiful couch.

Scaling incorrectly

You want buyers to see that you have plenty of room in your house. But, that doesn’t mean that you need to go with the smallest furniture options. The furniture that you place in a room should be in proportion to the room itself. Rooms with vaulted ceilings can accommodate pieces that a bedroom with an 8 foot ceiling cannot. When you work with the actual features of the room you help to show it and its best light.

Home staging is incredibly useful when it’s done right. If you are hiring a professional ask to see their portfolio before you begin work. Chances are, if it doesn’t feel right to you it isn’t going to feel right to your buyers either.

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