Home Sellers: How to Comparatively Price Your Home

Home Sellers: How to Comparatively Price Your Home

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Home sellers incorporate plenty of strategy when pricing a home. From deciding on what others have priced the home at to looking at your own recommendations, this can be a stressful time for home sellers planning on selling a house.

Comparatively pricing your home will help to best increase the chances for selling your house. Here in this article, we will guide you through the necessary steps home sellers should take to best price your home at a competitive rate.

Compare With Similar Homes

The first thing home sellers  should do is take a look at the cost of other homes that are for sale and on the market in your general area. Are there prices similar to the ones you had in mind or were you thinking something different? Being honest with your calculations and your predictions here will help you to see where your home should lie on the pricing spectrum.

It is also important to analyze your home next to homes that are of similar styles, types, and features in your general region as well. For example, if your home is a four bedroom Victorian house, you will get the best comparative price by looking at the price of a four bedroom Victorian house in the same area that is for sale too. It would be more productive to price your home similar to this house than to a 12 bedroom modern mansion or a one bedroom apartment.

Therefore, comparative pricing works best when the two homes that are being compared are the same (or are very similar).

Compare in the Present

Next, home sellers will want to be sure to price your home for the current market. If your neighbor sold their house seven months ago, you wouldn’t want to list your house at the same price that they did because the market can change quickly, even within seven months.

Thus, you wouldn’t be giving or getting the most appropriate price if you didn’t take into consideration the present moment with present home values.

Compare Online

Next, home sellers will want to do some comparison shopping with similar homes that are listed online. Even if the area is not the same, you will get a good idea of general housing prices of homes that are similar to yours.

Compare What is Not Selling

Lastly, it would be a smart idea for home sellers to take a look at homes that have been on the market for quite some time and that are just not selling. By looking at these houses, you will be able to see what is not working.

Whether the house is overpriced or does not have what people are looking for, you can adjust your listing to make sure that your house gets sold at the right time you need it to.

Using these comparison tools will help home sellers to manage your home’s sale. Through this, you will be able to effectively price your home at a cost that not only works for you but that is appealing to interested home buyers. This will help you to sell your home when you want to!

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