Essential Steps to Prepping to Sell a House Fast

Essential Steps to Prepping to Sell a House Fast

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Sell a House FastThere is so much to do when a homeowner decides they are going to sell a house.  It is just the first step in a long process of organizing, cleaning, and decision making.  It is no easy task but it will be satisfying on closing day. To be ready to sell a house fast, a homeowner should take these essential steps.

Consider the Outside

A buyer is not going to be excited to walk through a house that has an overgrown lawn and a door falling off its hinges.  This is why home sellers must make sure everything is clean and in working order on the outside of the house. Add in a flower pot and clean the windows.  This is what first impressions are all about.

Too Much Stuff

Having the closets packed to the brim will make it look like the house does not have enough space. This is why it is best to only have a few things in a closet to make it look more spacious.  

Home sellers can also us this as the first step in packing to move.  Start getting rid of items that are not needed and store others in a storage unit.

Once the storage areas are clear, get to work on the many surfaces of the house.  Coffee tables, the kitchen table, the bathroom counter, even the end table in the bedroom all collect stuff.  Anything that does not add appeal to the room should be packed away.

Taking It Personal

Buyers do not want to be reminded they are in someone else’s home. When it comes time to sell a house fast, sellers will want to take down pictures of the family.  Put away those framed degrees. Artwork from the children should be stored. Anything that shows a personal preference should be taken down.

Updated Paint

Adding new paint to the walls makes any room feel fresh.  A neutral palette of colors throughout the house will make it easy for buyers to think of their own design choices.  Grays and browns are usually the best colors to choose when going neutral.

Rarely Cleaned Areas

There are a few times when homeowners clean their baseboards and walls.  If there was any time for it, it is now. Keep in mind that a fresh coat of paint can help walls look cleaner.  However, if a room is not being painted be sure to get any grime off the walls.


Plants are not just for the outdoors.  Adding a small plant to each room can help the house look more lived in without the clutter.  

Color plants like flowers add a bit of interest to a room.  Areas like the kitchen benefit from adding fresh fruit.

Terrible Smells

It is strange but most homeowners do not know the smell of their own house, while strangers are going to recognize it instantly.  Have a friend stop by and give the house a sniff. If anything smells a bit off work to clean the problem or add in some deodorizers to make the house smell great.

More Cleaning

While by this point much of the house is clean, it is time to clean a little more.  Think of areas that never get touched. The back of the toilet, the bottom drawer in the kitchen that has never stored anything, and every nook and cranny is something the buyer may look in.  Do not let them find years of dust and dirt.


If the house still feels like it is missing something, consider calling a home staging company.  These professionals make it their job to appeal to buyers. They will often use the current furniture with a few additional pieces to make the house look spectacular.  

When it comes to the process to sell a house fast, there is no step that is too small to take. Sellers will want to make every effort in order to make their house shine. Taking the time and putting in the work up front will pay dividends in the long run.

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