Don’t Scare Home Buyers Off with These 8 Home Issues

Don’t Scare Home Buyers Off with These 8 Home Issues

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Home BuyersWhen you want to sell your house, it is important that you know what home buyers are looking for. This will allow you to address any issues prior to putting your house on the market. But while home staging and curb appeal can help attract home buyers to your house, you can quickly scare them away if they find the following problems once they arrive:

  1. Outdated appliances

Home buyers like to see houses that are updated and ready to move in. If your appliances are decades old and look like they are decades old, you could run into a problem. It gives buyers the impression of how old your house really is, and can make them start to wonder what else is original to the house or hasn’t been fixed or replaced along the way.

  1. An old roof

A roof is one of the more expensive repairs or maintenance expenses that you need to make as a homeowner. However, home buyers place an even larger price tag on it.

If your roof is at the end of its life then buyers might be lowering their offers to try to accommodate for the funds they will need to replace the roof. Buyers tend to overestimate on the cost, meaning it can be more cost efficient to you if you replace the roof yourself before listing.

  1. Old HVAC system

HVAC systems can last around 25 years when they are maintained well. However, it is expensive to fix or replace the system. This can be alarming to the buyer if they know that the system is nearing the end of it’s life expectancy.

  1. Foundations issues

There is nothing that can scare away home buyers faster than issues with the foundation. Even if the issue is not actually a structural issue, most buyers are going to assume that it is.

The home inspector will find the problem even if the buyer doesn’t. Sellers will most likely end up needing to fix it before closing. Or you can save yourself the stress later down the road and repair it before you list it.

  1. Damaged gutters

Gutters are important for protecting the foundation of the house. It’s important to properly maintain the gutters to protect your house. You can avoid potential damage to the siding, foundation, doors, and windows simply by maintaining your gutters.

  1. Termites

The damage caused by termites can be expensive. If you can provide the home buyers with a warranty from a remediation company, it can go along way into closing the deal. If you currently have termites when trying to sell your house, it can scare away almost any buyer.

  1. Radon

Radon is second in causing cancer only to smoking. Because of this, there will most likely be a radon test that is conducted in your house along with the inspection. If high levels are found, you will need to go to work to remedy the situation.

  1. Issues with doors and windows

There are many home buyers that will attempt to open and shut every window and door in the house before going to the closing table. If they notice that there is an issue with them then it can be a red flag to coming expenses as well as other potential problems.

It’s always better to take care of problems before the buyer asks you to. By not doing this, you might have scared off other potential offers that you were unaware of. The more move-in ready your house is, the better price it will bring as well.

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