The Keys to Making Your First Home Offer

Posted by Integrity Homes and Lending // January 15, 2018

Home Offer

You’ve been looking online for months, attended every open house in the area and know all of the houses on the market.  And now it’s time. You found the perfect house you love and you are finally ready to make your first home offer.   While this is an exciting time, it can be a […]

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6 Steps to Successfully Selling Your House FSBO

Posted by Integrity Homes and Lending // January 8, 2018


When you know you are ready to sell your house there are a lot of decisions that need to be made. Before you dive into all of them, you need to decide how you are going to sell your house. Are you going to enlist the services of real estate agent or are you going […]

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Why You May Need Cash to Buy a Foreclosure

Posted by Integrity Homes and Lending // January 1, 2018


You’ve heard about what a steal you can get on buying a foreclosure. The houses can sell for well below market value. However, buying a foreclosure isn’t always as easy as it sounds. When you are buying a short sale or foreclosed property, you could be up against a lot of competition with your offer. […]

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3 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Selling

Posted by Integrity Homes and Lending // December 25, 2017


For anyone that has not sold a house before, the process can quickly become overwhelming and drawn out.  Typically, this is due to the homeowners making the wrong choices when putting the house on the market. Most homeowners feel like their house is worth more than it is, will neglect to maintain the property throughout […]

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6 Things to Learn Before Buying a House

Posted by Integrity Homes and Lending // December 18, 2017

Buying a House

Buying a house can be a nerve-wracking process.  No one wants to be stuck with a large loan and a house that is not what was envisioned. Most buyers concentrate on the house or yard and make sure everything is up to par.  While this is a much-needed step a potential homeowner must also consider […]

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The Science of Using Music to Sell Your House

Posted by Integrity Homes and Lending // November 27, 2017

Sell Your House

People connect with music. A simple song can take you back to a certain place in time from years ago. You can remember how you were feeling and what you were experiencing during that time. Music is powerful, and now it might just be able to help you sell your house. How music affects us […]

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4 Things for Home Buyers to Consider When Looking at a Neighborhood

Posted by Integrity Homes and Lending // November 20, 2017

Home Buyers

Location is important for home buyers when purchasing a house. It’s not only the location itself, but what is in that location. The best house in the most beautiful area can easily be ruined by bad neighbors. In a world where many people no longer borrow a cup of sugar from their neighbors, it can […]

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Understanding the Transaction Fee in a Real Estate Transaction

Posted by Integrity Homes and Lending // November 13, 2017

Transaction Fee

There is a lot of money that exchanges hands during a real estate transaction. It goes far beyond the buyer paying the seller for the house. There are multiple third parties involved in making sure that a deal gets from accepting an offer all the way through the closing. Along the way there are lots […]

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How Sellers Should Respond to the Home Inspection

Posted by Integrity Homes and Lending // November 6, 2017

Home Inspection

When selling your house, the home inspection can play a major role in getting to closing. The majority of buyers are going to make their offer contingent on the findings of the home inspection. You may think your house is in tip top shape, but there is rarely an inspection that doesn’t turn up something, […]

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4 Myths That Won’t Help Home Sellers Sell Your House

Posted by Integrity Homes and Lending // October 30, 2017

Home Sellers

One of the most difficult things about selling your house is deciding on a listing price. It is easy for home sellers to spend days debating back and forth. Home sellers don’t want to leave money on the table by pricing it too low, but you want to make sure that it sells at the […]

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