Purchasing a Home without Busting Your Budget

Posted by Kelly Canto // July 10, 2019

One of the biggest investments you can make during your life is buying a home. People often give importance to preparing themselves for buying a property, which is why a lot of them end up disappointed once they finally make the unreasonably expensive payment for their house. A lot of people believe that breaking their […]

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3 Simple Home Staging Tips for First Time Home Sellers

Posted by Kelly Canto // July 5, 2019

If you want to quick sell your home to fetch higher profits in Gainesville, Florida, staging your home is the best option you can opt for. Staging a property is undoubtedly a strategic move for home sellers. According to NAR’s 2017 survey, 49% of agents believe that staging affects buyers’ view of a property.  Furthermore, […]

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Four Property Management Myths

Posted by Kelly Canto // June 28, 2019

Are you thinking about investing in the Gainesville real estate market? Here is a reality check: Things are not as simple as they seem on the TV. There is plenty of stress, money, time, and hassle that go into running a rental property successfully; and the decision to going it alone can make things more […]

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Another Home SOLD! We NEED more Properties!

Posted by Kelly Canto // September 4, 2018

We just sold another home and we need more properties! Wholesalers and Agents call us with your deals and lets get you paid (352) 339-4567.

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How to Navigate Making a Home Offer

Posted by Kelly Canto // September 3, 2018

Home Offer

Making a home offer is not always a simple task.  There are many laws that need to be considered and any verbal agreements are not legal agreements.  This task is best left to the professionals, but many home buyers want to go about it on their own. Home buyers will want to keep in mind […]

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We are looking for more houses!

Posted by Kelly Canto // August 28, 2018

This week at Integrity Homes we are doing a TON of marketing because we need more houses! If you or anyone you know is looking to sell a property in Alachua or surrounding counties, please call us today. If we purchase the home, you will get a referral fee! Wholesalers and agents call us with […]

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Essential Steps to Prepping to Sell a House Fast

Posted by Kelly Canto // August 27, 2018

Sell a House Fast

There is so much to do when a homeowner decides they are going to sell a house.  It is just the first step in a long process of organizing, cleaning, and decision making.  It is no easy task but it will be satisfying on closing day. To be ready to sell a house fast, a […]

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Home Buyers: Don’t Fall for This Bad Mortgage Advice

Posted by Kelly Canto // August 20, 2018


There is only a small percentage of home buyers that are going to pay cash for their house. That means the majority of people are going to be obtaining a mortgage. The process of signing a mortgage can be complicated and overwhelming. And on top of it, people will come out of the woodwork to […]

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Unexpected Issues that Can Slow Down Your Closing Process

Posted by Kelly Canto // August 13, 2018

Closing Process

Real estate transactions can be incredibly complicated. There are many pieces of the puzzle that have to fall into place in the correct order for the deal to close. Even just one little thing that is not as it should be can drastically slow down the closing process. With that in mind, here are some […]

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When Home Staging Goes Bad

Posted by Kelly Canto // August 6, 2018

Home Staging

If you are getting ready to sell your house then you have probably researched the advantages of home staging. There are many reports showing that home staging can help you to sell your house faster and for more money then if you don’t stage it. However, while staging can make you money when you do […]

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