8 Essential Tips to Help Homeowners Survive a Home Renovation

8 Essential Tips to Help Homeowners Survive a Home Renovation

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Home RenovationA home renovation should be fun and exciting for homeowners.  An update to an old house can put a smile on any homeowner’s face.  Until something goes wrong.

While the idea of a home renovation seems fun and straightforward there are many ways that it can go wrong, quickly.  Before starting a new project check out these eight tips for surviving a home renovation.

Decide on a Vision

There are many ways to update a house.  Every homeowner has different tastes and they may not agree with their significant other on what should be updated or how.  It is important to make these decisions early. Trying to decide on the fly in the middle of a renovation is only going to cause stress when two homeowners find out they hate each other’s ideas.

Find the Cost

Once there is a set goal for the home renovation it is time to look at the budget.  Check what it will cost to get the perfect renovation. If this is too much out of the budget then it is time to scale down.  

Not all renovations need to be completed in a single go around.  Consider spreading it out over time to soften the blow to the bank account.

Avoid Impossible Updates

Most updates are ones that could be completed by a homeowner or a contractor without much trouble.  However, it is important to make sure all of the ideas are reasonable.

Having to tear down most of the walls in the house or adding in plumbing in an obscure area may be difficult to complete.  Talk with a contractor before starting any projects that would cost too much to finish.

Use a Professional

Unless talking about simply painting a few walls most renovations need a professional.  Any projects that include changing the structure of the house, the electrical, or plumbing is best left to a professional.

Dishing out the money to pay for the project is not ideal.  However, it is much better than paying someone to fix a mess that could have been avoided.

Take It For a Test Run

If possible, get a sample of colors for paints, fabrics, carpet, or even countertops.  Put them in places that are easily seen in the desired room and just live with them for a few days.  Take the time to walk by, stare at them, judge them. See the colors in different lights. This will help avoid any regrets down the road if that color just does not suit the house.  

Interviews are Essential

Using a contractor is going to make a homeowner’s life easier.  But using the wrong contractor can make the entire process terrible.  

The contractor is going to be around for some time to come so make sure to choose someone that is likable.  They should also show a clear understanding of what is wanted in the home renovation.

Besides finding someone who has great reviews and a good personality, a homeowner should check their credentials.  Always see if they have a valid contractor’s license and that they are insured. It is also a good idea to check their lien history plus their bond number and certification.

Nail Down the Specifics

A contract is no good to a homeowner if there are not specifics outlined.  This may include the schedule for payments, how long the project will take, any repercussions for going over the allotted time frame plus the details of what is going to be completed.  Leave nothing up to chance or a contractor may not deliver on everything they promised.

Factor in Delays

No home renovation goes exactly as planned.  There are so many reasons that a contractor and project may get delayed.  If there is a certain time frame that the project must be completed in this needs to be explained to the contractor.  

Allow ample time for this due date because there will be days or even weeks where work is delayed due to various circumstances out of the contractor’s control.

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