7 Ways Home Buyers Mess Up a Home Inspection (and How to Avoid Them)

7 Ways Home Buyers Mess Up a Home Inspection (and How to Avoid Them)

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Home InspectionPurchasing a house is like taking on a second job. There is a lot of hands-on work to do that it is physically and mentally exhausting. Any buyer may want to check out when it comes to a home inspection, but that is not always the best idea. A home inspection is going to give a buyer a good look at the house they are purchasing.

Avoid making these seven mistakes many buyers are guilty of when it comes to inspections.

Not Ordering a Home Inspection

Some buyers are so in love with a house they forgo any rights to having an inspection. They believe no matter what problems arise, they will take care of them, just to have the house.

This almost always ends in disaster. A home inspection is going to find any major issues a house has, plus many smalls ones.

New construction houses need an inspection as well. Most people assume since it was just built it is completely foolproof, when in reality mistakes are made and corners are cut. A new build could have just as bad of problems as an old house.

Going Cheap

There is a lot of money that goes towards buying a house. It can be tempting to choose the cheapest inspector available. This has its downfalls. Someone who is having trouble drumming up business may have lower prices to increase clientele, while another cheap inspector is using cheap testing equipment.

The key to having a good home inspection, meaning a thorough one, is to hire someone that comes recommended. Ask the real estate agent and see who they would recommend. They have likely worked with many inspectors over the years and know who is good.

Not Walking With

While it comes as a surprise to many buyers, inspectors don’t mind if they walk through the house with them. It is a great opportunity to question any problems the inspector may find and see parts of the house that a person typically doesn’t look at.

Inspections can take a long time. If schedules are too tight, see if the real estate agent can walk through for a portion of the inspection.

Bothering the Inspector

Now there is a fine line between learning about the house and badgering the inspector. Do not follow them around and constantly ask them questions. Even making conversation with them can be distracting. Be a mostly passive part of the inspection, or they may grow frustrated or distracted and miss something important.

Disappointed With a Home Inspection

Inspections try to find all problems with a house. Many people are appalled by the long list of issues an inspector may find. It is expected that a house will have a lot of problems.

However, there are problems that have to be fixed and problems that would be nice to fix down the road. The roof is a major problem to pay attention to. Peeling paint, not so much.

Asking Too Much of the Seller

Some buyers get back a long list of issues with the house and demand the seller fix everything. Not only is that time consuming, it is madness. Every tiny problem that is on the list does not need to be addressed right away. Focus on the bigger problems, and see what the seller will help with. It is not worth walking away from a deal if there are only small problems that can be fixed after moving in.

Always Get a Second Inspection

So many buyers make the mistake of taking a seller’s word on repairs. If there is a major problem that needs to be fixed, some sellers will claim they did the work and leave it or hire someone cheap to patch the problem. Getting a second inspection will help ensure the problem was fixed correctly and save time and money down the road.

An inspection is a part of buying a house. While it can feel silly to see money thrown away on an inspection to find nothing seriously wrong, it is even worse to skip the inspection and find a major electrical issue after making the purchase. Make sure the house is worth buying by ordering an inspection, and try to be present when the inspector walks through.

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