5 Steps to Buying a Foreclosed Home

5 Steps to Buying a Foreclosed Home

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Everyone wants to have a good bargain for the property they buy. You can get a great deal by opting to buy a foreclosed home. It will also prove to be an easier process in comparison to having a traditional owner work with you.

Lower price is a big advantage purchasing a foreclosed property will bring for you. There are some nuances involved in this process making it different than purchasing traditional listings.

Before we delve into the steps involved in buying a foreclosed home, let us discuss what it is.


Foreclosure happens when owners fall behind on making their payments or default their mortgage, essentially handing the property to the lenders. The lenders try to sell the foreclosed home at a lower price to recoup their investment.

Mentioned below are some tips and techniques that will help you buy a foreclosed home with ease.

1.      Get Hold of a Real Estate Agent Who Has Experience

The foreclosure process can be tricky to understand at times.  It makes sense hiring an experienced agent to smoothen the process. There are plenty of reputable agents present online; you can get in touch with them and work things out. Having direct representation gives buyers confidence and allows them to make decisions more freely and without anyone else’ bias. Once you find a good agent, tell them o prioritize looking for properties according to the criteria set by you.

2.      Have a Preapproval Letter Ready

In case you didn’t know, you require a preapproval letter before making an offer for buying a foreclosed house. You can also pay cash, but it isn’t that cheap, which is why having a prepared preapproval letter is a cheaper option.  Preapproval letters mention the amount of cash you can borrow. All of the preapproval letters are formed by the lender’s assessment of your income and credit score. It would be wise to get in touch with a mortgage lender who knows what your goals are.

3.      Have a Look at “Comps” Before Making Your Final Offer

Coming up with the correct price can be quite difficult. It is an art that requires some time to master. Ask your agent to run a CMA (comparative market analysis) for helping you understand the prices of similar properties. People also refer to this process as “comps.”

4.      Make Slightly Higher Bids If People are Quickly Buying Foreclosed Homes

 Figuring out the bottom line of the bank can be difficult at times. You should always be willing to pay a little more if you see that the foreclosed properties in your area are selling at a quick pace. You should work with your real estate agent on coming up with a steady offer that your preapproval letter also backs up.

You should also remember that the location and type of your house matter as well. Be prepared to offer higher or at least asking prices in the competitive market.

5.      Prepare Yourself to Buy a Foreclosed as Is

Sellers often sell foreclosed homes in their “as is” the condition. They usually sell their properties without doing any significant repairs on them. You should keep this in mind before going out to buy a foreclosed home. You can find out the faults in the house that you are potentially going to buy by acquiring the services of home inspections.

There are a variety of factors involved in the decision of buying a foreclosed home. In the end, all it comes down to things like budget and personal preferences. If you are looking to make big savings on the purchase of your future property, buying a foreclosed home will prove to be a good idea.

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