The 3 Unexpected Ways Home Sellers May Feel Regret

The 3 Unexpected Ways Home Sellers May Feel Regret

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Home SellersIt is common for home sellers to experience regrets during the moving process.  Whether the house fits the needs of the family or not, there are many memories that have been made there.  

It can be hard to give up on a house even if it no longer works for the family.  It is even harder to know a new family will move in and change everything. Not to mention the uncertainty of the real estate market.  So many home sellers find that their house is worth much more just a few months after they sell.

To help minimize the emotional rollercoaster that comes with the process, home sellers will want to consider the following.

General Maintenance

A well-loved home is always dear in our hearts.  It can be especially hard to know if the new owners are not taking care of the house.  Even though the property does not belong to us anymore, that does not mean that it is easy to see it slowly breaking down.

Home sellers who move within the same city often have this problem.  They will drive by when feeling nostalgic and find that the house is not being cared for.  The new owners may not care to perform general maintenance or they may not know what maintenance should be done to a home.  

Regardless, the condition of the house is now their problem.  


Another problem with new owners is finding new renovations.  It is easy to see what renovations have been done to the outside of a house.  While it is good to know the home is being taken care of by the new owners, it is sad to see special characteristics of the home wiped away.

It is even more disappointing when the new owner renovates something that the previous owner spent a lot of money on.  If there was a garage built, new siding, or even a new roof these can be items the new owner does not like.

Or the new owners may choose to completely change the color of the house, expand the garage, or even redo the landscaping.  Any owner will remember the time, money, and effort that went into renovation projects and will hate to see all of that work be destroyed.

Changing Prices

This may be the worst part of selling a house.  The real estate market changes quickly. Sometimes there are market crashes where owners lose their equity they have built up in their home.  Other times, there is a boom in the local economy and all of the homes are now selling for much more. It is hard to judge when the right time to sell is.

To avoid any self-inflicted pangs of regret, home sellers should try to avoid checking up on old properties too often.  It can drive a person crazy to see how much the value of the property changes. This is especially true if the property is on the market for thousands more than it was sold for.  Regret will gnaw at a person for losing out on that money.

It is very difficult to stop oneself from looking at old properties.  They will always hold many memories and checking in on the house can make home sellers feel happy.  But be prepared for the fact that the house may change so much for better (or worse). These changes can make an old owner sad.  Home sellers can avoid this by focusing on the new property and intentionally making new memories. Although easier said than done, it can be helpful.

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