12 Ways to Take Incredible Listing Photos When Selling a Home

12 Ways to Take Incredible Listing Photos When Selling a Home

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Listing PhotosTaking a good photo of a home does not seem like it would be important in the list of items to do before putting the home up for sale.  However, great listing photos versus bad listing photos can be the difference in making a sale or allow the home to stay on the market for months.  

Having great listing photos is a must.  And there are twelve ways to take incredible listing photos to sell that house in no time.

Remove All Distractions

All listing photos should be free of distractions.  They should showcase the best parts of every room without showing who lives in the house.  That means taking out any items that are not vital to staging the room.

Anything that is not a decoration or piece of furniture should be packed away.  Before taking the photo scan the room and look for anything that is out of place.

The Right Order

After taking the pictures of the home it is important to put them in the correct order.  If multiple pictures of one room are taken do not put one at the beginning and one at the end.  Start with the front door and virtually walk the viewer through the home.

Not only will this help them envision the home, it will make it easier for them to decide if they like the floor plan.

Too Many Listing Photos

While a few buyers will like having too many photos to go through, most like a select few.  Take one or two pictures of each room. If one room is the focal point or has been redone consider taking extra pictures of that area.  Otherwise, buyers quickly become overwhelmed by scrolling through fifty pictures with slight variations in each one.

Trick Photos Do Not Sell Houses

It can at times be tempting to take a photo in a way that makes a room or house look much better than it is.  This can bring in more buyers. However, they often find themselves disappointed when they enter the home.

The better strategy is to take listing photos that represent the house well.  This way buyers will love the home before they walk in and will find it even better to see in person.  

Special Features

Always show what is interesting about the house.  If there is a beautiful balcony take a photo from the view.  Or a large sprawling backyard. Whatever the best feature of the home is, emphasize it.  This is also the perfect time to talk about the extensive renovation that was done to the kitchen.

Outdoor Photos

Seeing the outside of the home is important to many buyers.  However, do not take the shot from the yard of the neighbor across the street.  Try to get the whole house in view without much of the street in the picture. This is much more inviting.  

Do not be scared to try taking photos at different times of the day.  Some photos at dusk or dawn can turn out beautifully.

Take Multiple Photos

The quality of the photo is important.  A blurry or grainy photo will not show the house in the best way.  Use a stable surface like a tripod to ensure the photo is steady. Once a room is staged it is best to take multiple pictures in the same position.  That way if one turns out terribly there are others to choose from.

From Above

If the home sits on beautiful landscaping it can be worth taking an aerial photo.  Using a drone there are beautiful photos of the entire home that can be used to show the yard and the roof at the same time.  Buyers love this dramatic angle of the house.

Choose The Best Lighting

Lighting in a photo is so important.  Natural light always makes for better photos.  Plan ahead and check the weather before staging the home to take pictures.  Open all of the blinds or curtains to let in as much light as possible.

Simple Editing

Even with everything set up perfectly, listing photos still need to be edited.  This does not need to be done professionally. There are many free programs that allow users to edit their photos.  Take a few minutes with each photo to make sure they are seen in the best way possible.


Nothing is homier than a plant or flower in a room.  People love to see a well-staged home with floral additions.  Find a local florist and get a few plants for various rooms. Even add some outside to welcome buyers in.

Avoid Events

Even though many homeowners work very hard on decorating for the holidays, these decorations should not be in the photos.  Not only will it be out of season when buyers are viewing them, they can also be offensive. Not every buyer will celebrate all the holidays that the current homeowner does.  Avoid these loaded situations and take down these decorations while taking listing photos.

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